Wednesday, January 9, 2013

4th International Venus Workshop - June 10-14, 2013

This summer, Catania, Italy is the location for the 4th International Venus Workshop, being hosted at the Museo Diocesano.  The detailed schedule is still being worked, but it is anticipated that the conference will start at 14:00 on June 10th (Monday) and conclude at 13:00 on Friday of the same week.

The conference invites talks on all aspects of Venus science, and includes a poster gallery.

Planned session topics:

  • Surface & Interior (Marinangeli, Ghail)
  • Atmospheric Dynamics & Structure (Limaye, Wilson)
  • Atmospheric Chemistry (Marcq, Widemann)
  • Clouds and Hazes (Satoh)
  • Plasma and Magnetosphere (Lundin TBC)
  • Planetary evolution and comparative planetology, incl. exoplanets (Grinspoon)
  • Supporting laboratory activities (Snels)
  • Venus International Reference Atmosphere, VIRA II (Zasova)
  • Future technology and new concepts (Svedhem)

Important dates:

  15-Mar-2013: Registration, abstract submission, and support request deadline

  15-Apr-2013: Accommodation pre-booking deadline

In honor of Venus' volcanic heritage, the organizers have arranged for a half-day excursion to the most active volcano in Europe: Etna.

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